GWAR TV is a ROKU channel which you can install by adding the ROKU code you see at the top of your screen. Having a ROKU channel allows us more freedom to showcase more than 30 years of GWAR's incredible exploits; Most of which would never allowed to be shown on regular television.

For information on how to add a ROKU channel, please watch the video at the bottom of this page.

for our channel We charge a subscription fee of 30.00 dollars per year,  billed to you monthly as payments of 2.50. The reason we charge a fee is because it costs money to keep our server running as well programming our channel. We would rather charge a fee and have GWAR TV be commercial free,

GWAR TV has over 100 hours of hours of videos, with more added every month. Everything from Live shows, music videos, behind the scenes featurettes, GWAR BQ videos, comedy shorts, rare and impossible to find videos and some very special programming that you can only see on GWAR TV!!!

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